Rules of the Rink

We have two basic rules at Roller City:
1. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
2. Use your brain while visiting us.


  • Skate at your own risk. We are not responsible for any injury or illness. Do not skate if you are pregnant or have a serious medical condition or injury. Report all injuries to management, regardless of severity.
  • All skaters pay admission, regardless of age. All spectators are subject to a fee.
  • No re-entry. Parents of drop offs, please instruct your children to stay inside until you arrive to pick them up.
  • No outside food or drink. Birthday cake is allowed only for scheduled parties.
  • No profanity, smoking, vaping, alcohol consumption, fighting, or other criminal misbehavior. Mistreatment of our equipment, such as sitting on tables, will be grounds for immediate dismissal.
  • No bags. This includes purses and diaper bags. Small wallets and small clear bags are acceptable.
  • No gum- this applies to skaters and spectators.
  • Please wear clothing that is safe to skate in. No long dresses/skirts/pants that may get caught in skate wheels.
  • Please wear family friendly clothing (no revealing clothing).
  • No warnings. Our rules are clear and we expect everyone to follow them. Management reserves the right to ask anyone to leave at any time. No refunds.

As a Roller City skater I commit to:

  • Never carry a child or anyone while I am on skates. I acknowledge that to do so is endangering the child’s life and the safety of others, and I will be immediately asked to leave if I break this rule.
  • Be courteous while on the skate floor. I will not play tag, push, or skate recklessly.
  • Keep moving while on the floor, and exit the floor when I need to stop.
  • Not climbing over the walls.
  • Skating in the correct skating direction.
  • Being respectful of floor guards and staff, and taking their direction.
  • Understanding that following these rules helps my local skating rink continue to be a fun and safe place to visit for me and all who visit today and in the future.